Our Values

Our Values

Bathed by the sea that surrounds us, invigorated by the wind, life aboard a sailboat makes us aware of our environment and reconnects us to ourselves.

Sharing an experience

Exchange and sharing are part of La Surprise’s values.
If you wish, Louis and Constantin will be happy to let you participate in the sail trimming, maneuvers and even night watches during night sailing!
Share your passions and interests with us! You are part of the voyage of Surprise and it is all together that we explore and advance on this exceptional journey.

A taste for adventure

In a world where planning is synonymous with deadlines and full agendas, let the crew pamper you let yourself be pampered by the crew and hoist the sails of La Surprise for a for a total and rejuvenating disconnection. Be ready for the unexpected! Set out to the world’s most remote seas and islands, meet cultures and beliefs different from your own cultures and beliefs different from yours… We will have to play with the wind and adapt our We’ll have to play with the wind and adapt our course to fully experience the discoveries and surprises of a voyage on the water.


Zero Plastic

Recreating the necessary comfort by living on the ocean makes us aware of our consumption of fresh water, electricity, our production of waste… and also of the pollution we can encounter during the nautical miles we travel, even in the most remote places.
In this context we try to act at our scale.
When choosing food and in the kitchen we reduce as much as possible the plastic packaging as much as possible in order to reach our goal of zero plastic waste on board.
Our chef also makes her own glass cans, for example when the fishing has been particularly when the fishing has been particularly successful, to avoid waste.

Respect for the marine environment

In keeping with our respectful approach to the marine world, we encourage you to be encourage you to remain attentive to the well-being of the fauna and flora you encounter.
Interactions with stingrays, turtles, whales, etc. are unique moments and we hope that they and we hope that they will amaze you while keeping an adequate distance from these wild with these wild animals.
The ecosystems that we will encounter along the way are among the richest but also the most fragile. but also the most fragile. On board, we recommend that you use mineral mineral sunscreens rather than chemical ones in order to preserve the coral in particular.
The cleaning products used in the kitchen or in the engine holds are of course biodegradable.