La surprise

An exceptional cruise

The adventure and the discovery of rare destinations, under sail, is at the center of of the sailing program of La Surprise.


Traveling on La Surprise

A cruise on board La Surprise? It's a chance to discover the archipelagos at the end of the world aboard an exceptional catamaran combining performance under sail
comfort and modernity.
It's also an invitation to set sail, to get away from crowded destinations and live a human experience that is written with you.
Visited only once, each stopover is unique during this half world tour and you are the instigators. Take part in this authentic adventure in the wake of historical maritime routes of the great explorers, from the South East Asia islands to the top of Good Hope, the carribeansea and further

Our Philosophy

The Voyage of La Surprise and you

You are part of the journey of La Surprise and it is all together that we explore on this exceptional half-world crossing, from Asia to the coast of Brazil, to the many Caribbean islands and further. Guests are central onboard La Surprise. Each individual takes an active part either hands-on by sailing with the crew, or by creating their own energy on board. If they wish, they can participate in the sail trimming, anchoring maneuvers and even night watches on night sails to really get a taste of the full boating experience. Each person chooses either to rest, team up with the crew, learn some culinary secrets with the chef, or give fishing a try and enjoy the catches! With the help of a professional crew, La Surprise offers you the experience of a lifetime and a good dose of adventure.