The Caribbean has an incredibly diverse and vibrant culture shaped by its turbulent past and it offers a joyous cocktail of landscapes ideal for activities ranging from kitesurfing and snorkeling to exploring the lush nature on shore.

An island = an identity

The key features of this destination?

Each stopover captivates with its unique geographical and cultural features: hot springs, boiling lakes stemming from volcanic activity, cane sugar farming and rum-making know-how, coral reefs perfect for snorkelling and surfing, colonial architecture with UNESCO listed ruins of fortifications, deserted white sandy shores, etc.

Every route between the Bahamas and the Grenadines promises a myriad of discoveries.



November 2022 to May 2023


International flights to Grenada, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Sint Maarten and Nassau

Activities included:
Kayak and SUP, snorkeling gears onboard -mask and fins

Activities on option:
Clubs on each island offer deep sea diving of wrecks, reef walls, caves, etc.

A taste For...

Bathed by the Caribbean Sea to the west and by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Caribbean offers stunning variety, influenced by the Creole, English, Spanish and French languages and the turbulent past of its island nations. Each island of Caribbean is a few hours’ sail from the next, offering a succession of steep terrain, dense tropical forests, cool waterfalls and idyllic small sandy islands surrounded by lagoons perfect for kite surfing and wing foiling. Its warm waters are home to a large number of coral reef species, as well as protected stingrays and turtles which are easy to observe. There’s something for everyone, including water sports, sunbathing, hiking, exploring markets and discovering local traditions. It is a popular destination with lots of secrets to reveal to anyone who chooses to unravel them on board La Surprise! Together we will chart a route for your cruise, from island to island, based on your interests!